April 2013 – A Month of Photos From the Red Double Wide

I’ve gone a little crazy with my camera lately, so I thought I would share (some of ) my favorite photos from the past month.  Spring time is so beautiful and FUN!

DSCN6124 (640x480)-1
This is one of our raspberry bushes that border our garden….can’t wait for fresh raspberries!
DSCN6103 (640x468)-1
The chickens were in heaven when digger tilled the garden.
DSCN6142 (640x480)-1
“Garden Butts”
DSCN6149 (640x480)-1
“Sleepy Dog” – This is a VERY rare moment, he is usually dropping a ball on our feet, drooling all over our pants, or trying to get the cats and chickens to play.
DSCN6139 (480x640)-1
Hyacinth – Not only my favorite flower but my favorite color too! I need to plant more.
DSCN6601 (480x640)-1
Great Grandma enjoying some snuggles with a barn kitten.
DSCN6491 (640x480)-1
Little Chefs first time mowing with a push mower. She decided she prefers the riding mower! I don’t blame her…I took turns with her and realized how much harder a little labor is after a long winter indoors.
DSCN6618 (640x480)-1
This is Diggers Grandpa….our riding mower broke down so he came out on his 94th birthday with his brand new mower and mowed some of our lawn for us!! (He had a blast and left asking when we might need him again!) What a great guy, we are so blessed to have him and Grandma close to us.
DSCN6552 (640x480)-1
This mama barn cat is blind in one eye, but it doesn’t seem to effect her at all. She is the best mouser we have and a wonderful mommy!!  She has two chunky adorable kittens right now.

     DSCN6157 (640x480)-1DSCN6523 (640x480)-1DSCN6497 (640x480)-1DSCN6628 (640x487)-1Don’t let these pictures deceive you!  We have had some beautiful days in April, but we also had our share of wind, rain, hail, and more wind!  We haven’t yet planted anything in the garden (it’s still getting really cold some nights) but my seed order should be here tomorrow and Digger is working on getting the fence up around the garden.  No use planting until the chickens are fenced out!

Happy Spring Everyone!!

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16 thoughts on “April 2013 – A Month of Photos From the Red Double Wide

  1. Beautiful photos! and I have rototiller envy!! Still too cold here in Vermont to plant stuff, but I have many seedlings started. As soon as the truckload of composted cow manure gets here, the garden work will start. This will be the year of squash and beans. Drop by when you have a chance and meet the herd:

    1. Yes, we LOVE our view. When we put our double wide in we positioned it so we can see the mountain out our living room windows. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by Vickie!

  2. aaawww…these pictures just made me smile 🙂 That is lovely country you all are sitting on…miss those days. And your great grandparents are just adorable. My grandfather was out in his garden 4 days before he passed away…he was 93! Not trying to get all morbid on your blog! They truly are fond memories and it makes me happy to think of him! Thanks for sharing…hopped over from Tillys

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