As Visions of Chickens Danced Through My Head

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the homestead,

Not a creature was stirring, they’d all been well fed.

Digger was comfy half asleep in his chair,

While sounds of Duck Dynasty filled the air.

The kids laid out cookies for Santa with care,

Then brushed at their teeth and combed their hair.

My day was done so I snuggled into bed,

As visions of chickens danced through my head…..

Okay,  That’s enough of that!

I’m not lying though…..I really do have visions of chickens dancing through my head!  Recently I have received a couple chicken catalogs in the mail and even though the weather outside is frightful, I’m dreaming of a green spring and dozens of baby chicks in the brooder!  Ho hum, soooo many choices and so little coop space. 😕  We have 12 laying hens right now and even with the nasty, cold weather they are still giving us 8 to 10 eggs a day!  I really should be content with that…..right?   Well, I am for now but there’s nothing wrong with planning ahead, making a wish list and saving money for more chicken coops. 😉  Right now we have one breed, they are all Golden Sex Links……

Chicken SistersI’m thinking we need a little more color introduced to our flock.  Some Barred Rock, Black Australorp, and Columbian Wyndotte are my favorite picks of very good egg layers. While these will add color to my flock, they will not add color to my egg basket.

Eggs in a basketNot that there is anything wrong with big brown eggs, I love my big brown eggs, but a little variety would be nice.  This is my frivolous wish list of colorful egg layers.  A Blue Ameraucana will lay blue eggs, an Olive Egger will lay green eggs.  White Leghorns will lay lots of white eggs and  Blue Copper Marans will lay beautiful dark chocolate colored eggs.  I also promised the girls they could pick out a couple Bantams, and of course I want to raise meat birds again (not sure what breed yet).  There you have it, my complete wish list!  Like I said, all I need want now is more chicken coops. 😉

Have you made your chicken wish list yet?  Are you also in need of more coop space?  A word of caution to those of you wanna be chicken owners……chickens are addictive!

Meyer Hatchery and Murray McMurray Hatchery have great sites that you can browse through, and learn lots about different breeds of chickens.  I have ordered from both hatcheries with VERY good results.  Now is the time to pre-order to make sure you get the breeds you want delivered when you want them.  Just make sure the breeds you are picking are conducive to your climate!

Merry Christmas Everyone!  Be grateful for what you have, but remember there’s nothing wrong with a little wish list. 😀

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2 thoughts on “As Visions of Chickens Danced Through My Head

  1. Holy Moly you read my mind!! My husband & I have been studying our Meyer catalog. Your post made me laugh out loud because I pictured us with our catalog!! Last spring we purchaseed 2 Black Astralorps, 2 Speckled Sussex & 1 Blue Americauna. She was a bit frail & didn’t make it 🙁 You won’t be sorry with the Astrorps tho – they’re so friendly!! I’m thinking of an Olive Egger too. Good luck with all of your upcoming chickie choices!
    Merry Christmas to you & your family from Ohio! I love reading your posts. They make me giggle and it’s refreshing because they’re from a “real” mom. Thanks!!!

    1. Thank you Toni!! I love the Meyer catalog because it gives so much detail about each chicken….fun, fun! Merry Christmas to you too. 🙂

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