Fall Wall

When we started school in September I told the girls we would have an art project at least once a week.  We have stuck to that plan and have produced some pretty cool masterpieces!  I like to plan our art projects around the other subjects we are working on.  If I can reinforce a history, science, or bible lesson with an art project that’s just one more way to help them retain the lesson. Kids love to see their art work on display and I don’t know about you but my fridge is pretty FULL!  So we started hanging up some of our art work on a wall in our “class room” it soon became our “Fall Wall”.


Little Chef’s Jack O’Lantern


Jo’s thankful turkey:o)

Jo worked so hard typing this up and as you can see she loved learning how to change the font and color of her text.

Little Chef’s Columbus Day project

Yesterday Little Chef said “Mom, where are we going to put our winter wall?”


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