Getting Ready for Chickens

Half way through the summer I realized that “getting ready” for chickens was taking to long.  So instead of being completely ready and totally prepared I went ahead and ordered 18 chicks. I figured that if we knew they were on the way it would motivate us into getting a coop ready. It worked!!  We had a place in mind for our chickens.  A small room behind our pump house that had been used for storage.  So it was my job to clean it out.  While cleaning I found an old play pen that was soon to become a temporary home for 18 little peeps.  Chicken coops need to be well ventilated so Digger built a screen door, installed a (recycled, closeable) window and cut out a chicken door. 

I went to town and bought 2 little waterers, 2 little feeders, a bag of chick feed, and a red heat lamp bulb.  At a yard sale I found a shelf that was the right size for nesting boxes (the average size is 12″x12″x12″). You should have at least 1 nesting box for every 4 chickens and this shelf had 10 boxes so that was plenty.  All Digger had to do was add a strip of wood across the front of the boxes to keep the bedding from falling out.  After all Diggers hard work and my shopping spree we were ready for chicks!!


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