January 2015 – A Month Of Photos From The Red Double Wide

January has come to an end and I’m hoping the fog has too. 🙂  We only had a couple days that the sun came out and we enjoyed them VERY much.  Here’s a few photos I took during January.

Fluffy Cat

This is Peach, Jo declares that she is “the fluffiest cat in the world”.

Mt. Adams

Mt. Adams on one of the sunny days.

Cinnamon Rolls

Mary made these yummy rolls!!

elk shed

Jo found this elk shed out behind the house!  I’ve only seen elk around here once so we thought this was pretty cool.


We had a snowman theme in my classroom throughout January. 🙂

zombie response

If any of you have any zombie issues….I know who to call!

Hope your February is off to a WONDERFUL start. 🙂








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2 thoughts on “January 2015 – A Month Of Photos From The Red Double Wide

  1. Awe I love love love the pic of Mt. Adams…soooo beautiful!!!! Also the elk shed is pretty awesome! and the rolls look fantastic!!!!!! My February is off to a great start…this year looks very promising already=) can’t wait to see what the year has in hold for you=) enjoy all your post!!!!

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