Our Garden – A Work In Progress

Our garden got off to a slow start this year.  To make a long story short, we couldn’t plant the garden until the chicken proof fence was up and hey,… it’s been a busy spring!!

We are making slow progress in good spirits though.

The fence is finished! (Around the garden…)

DSCN7175 (640x480)The chickens are locked out (for the most part).  They really don’t like that their favorite dust baths are no longer available. 🙂  They decided that this tiny patch of dirt would have to do.

DSCN7301 (640x470)Most of the irrigation is finished.

DSCN7294 (640x480)The seeds are planted… Almost all of them!  This is the box of heirloom vegetable seed packets I ordered, and this fall I’m hoping to harvest enough seed for next years garden.

DSCN6738 (640x480) One week old corn and beans!

DSCN7443 (480x640)DSCN7451 (480x640)-1

It’s amazing how fast everything pops up! (once it actually gets planted)

This is the biggest garden we’ve ever had and the progress is slow, but there is progress. 🙂

How is your garden doing?  Is it a work in progress too?

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7 thoughts on “Our Garden – A Work In Progress

  1. I am so envious of your irrigation system!!! It looks great, and I bet a real time saver if you need to water the garden. So far, fingers crossed, we’ve only had to water ours once this year. Good luck with your growing season this year! Hope it’s bountiful!

    1. Hi Mary! It’s pretty dry in our neck of the woods so we set it on a timer and it comes on once or twice a day. It works great once it’s all set up. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by again!

  2. Looks great! We’ve been slow to start this year too, doing the biggest we’ve ever done. What do you do about weeds? Mine would start like that initially but in a few weeks be a yard again…always looking for what others do to combat grass and weeds.

    1. Hi Sarah, Oh how I wish I had an easy way to get rid of the weeds, but they are a constant battle for me! It’s a lot of hand picking between the little vegetable plants and tons of hoeing between the rows. Trying to stay ahead of them this year has been quite a challenge! My arm muscles should be something to brag about by the end of the summer!! lol I stopped by your blog…your garden looks WONDERFUL!!

    1. Thank you! They almost did dig under the fence. I had to fill the hole in and put bricks there so they would stop! They had to go find another place to take a dust bath….they only have 20 plus acres to find another spot! 🙂

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