Should We Get Chickens?

Should we get chickens?  While pondering this question a memory kept flashing through my head.  I remember gathering eggs when I was little.  You’re probably thinking….awww what a wonderful memory to have of childhood. NO, not so much!  As a young child I was a bit of a……ummm, I guess you could call it “germaphobic?” (I know a germaphobic farm girl…weird huh…my parents thought I was switched at birth)  Anyway, reaching under a pecking, flapping, squawking bird to grab a poop covered egg was absolutely terrifying!!  I don’t remember how old I was when we got rid of all the chickens, but I was relieved.  To my mothers relief I eventually out grew my “germ thing”(REALLY outgrew it!).  That was my last experience with chickens so this question led to a lot of thought, discussion and research.  Finally coming to the conclusion that YES we should get chickens. Why?  This is probably the first and easiest step to becoming self sufficient, and they will be great 4-H projects for the girls.  We eat tons of eggs and whats better than your own fresh, free range, chicken eggs!!

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