Stinky Goes To The Fair

This is a post for all you Stinky fans out there.  If you’ve never heard of Stinky and want to know how Stinky got her name and why she is so special to us, click here.

When my girls picked out the hens they wanted to take to the fair.  Stinky was an obvious choice.   She is the most docile of all our chickens (given her history) and very easy to handle.

Over the past few weeks Jo, has been packing her around, singing to her, and training her to stand on the picnic table.  When you show a chicken they should stand on the table in front of you without being held there.

Stinky 1A few times while Jo was “training” Stinky  I would hear her firmly say “Stinky, you stay right here, I’ll be right back”.  She would leave the chicken on the table, run in the house to tell me something “exciting” or grab something “important” and then run back out.  That darn chicken would stay right where she was told every time, and Jo seemed to have absolute confidence Stinky would be there when she got back every time!

When fair time rolled around, I was not worried about Stinky. 🙂

Stinky 4Here she is taking her first bath in preparation for the fair.

Stinky 5It must have been an exhausting experience because as soon as the bath was over she had a snooze….. 🙂

Stinky 6We started our drive to the fair with the hens in a kennel.  Stinky however, would not behave herself and kept picking on poor Goldie.  She wound up riding on Jo’s lap…  (I suspect a conspiracy here!)

Stinky at the fairJo made sure Stinky got plenty of outside time and they both met new friends.

Stinky's FriendsMeet two of Stinky’s new friends: Fire and Afro 😀

Show time was a little nerve-wracking for both of them.  But all that “training” paid off!

Blue RibbonsWe always knew she was a blue ribbon chicken!!

Stinky back homeAfter four eventful days at the fair Stinky was VERY happy to be home with the rest of the ladies!

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9 thoughts on “Stinky Goes To The Fair

  1. Congratulations to Jo and Stinky!! What a good, good chicken!
    Thanks for the link to Stinky’s story, what a trooper…the chicken AND you guys for giving her a chance! 🙂

  2. Wow, Stinky really is a special bird – and a blue ribbon one at that! Congratulations to you for raising such an awesome kid (Jo) and to Jo for handling Stinky so well! BTW, great pictures!

  3. Yahoo! VERY VERY terrific Jo and Stinky! Way to go!!!!! Thanks for posting the fair results, Queen! Awesome pics – beautiful daughter and beautiful Stinky. Blue Ribbons – so deserving!

    Good job and Congratulations Jo & Stinky …. and definitiely Mom & Dad, too. : )

    Thank you so much for sharing. I needed to know the fair results after discovering Stinky and your delicious recipes last month.

  4. well done stinky and your daughter for training her so well. I found you blog today and am so grateful for so many of your recipies, being gluten intolerant it is very hard to find things that don’t have gluten in them and your spices fit the bill. I have put them on pinterest so I can find them easily

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