The Mystery Chickens

Back in April the girls picked out 4 bantam chicks at the feed store.  Oh what cute little fluff balls they were!  (click here to see pics)  Those chicks are now four months old and will be going to the fair next month.  I didn’t want more than one rooster and that’s what we ended up with.  He is a very handsome (obnoxious) little guy and the three little pullets are just adorable and sweet.  The only problem we have is we’re not sure what breeds they are.  So I’m going to share some pictures and if anyone out there knows what breed they are the girls and I would LOVE to here from you.  I did do a little research and I have a few guesses but I would like to know for sure.  It would be great to have the correct breeds to write on the entry forms for the fair!

Meet Chocolate…..better known as Little Pecker.

Chocolate 4 months This is Tiny, she is so very sweet.

Tiny 4 months

This is Rayven, she is very gentle and just beautiful!

Rayven 4 months

This is Peep, she is loud and can fly farther than any of our chickens!

Peep 4 months

Thanks in advance for any feed back!!


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11 thoughts on “The Mystery Chickens

  1. Does Tiny have feathers on her legs? Perhaps she’s a type of Cochin? Rayven looks like my Black Australorp, except for that little white mark by her ear. I’d guess Buff Orpington for Peep too. 🙂

    1. She does have feathers on her legs and so does Chocolate. I’m going to look at pictures of Cochins now. Thanks Toni.

  2. I think Chocolate is perhaps a Welsummer or Partridge Rock? Tiny may be a Silver Laced Wyandotte, Rayven looks like my Black Australorp, and Peep looks a bit like my Buff Orpington but I am not sure on her. Pretty little birds 🙂 Please post what you find out, I am a new chicken keeper and am curious if I got any of these correct!

  3. Hi there! I found your blog on the Prairie Homestead. Here are my thoughts on the breeds of chicken you have:

    Chocolate: Rhode Island Red is my best guess
    Tiny: a Brahma her color would be called “dark”
    Rayven: looks like an Andalusian
    Peep: my first guess is Buff Orpington, but she doesn’t have the correct comb

    Hope this helps 🙂

  4. Your rooster looks like a Welsummer Bantum.. I have one and he is a handsome boy. Tiny looks like a barred rock. Rayvin looks like a black cochin or astraloup. Peep looks like a buff orpington.

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