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Mt. Adams

Serving landowners in Klickitat County, Washington: Green Mountain Thinning is committed to a high standard of service and stewardship due to a strong conviction that our forests can and should be reclaimed.

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Proper low impact thinning of our forests not only enhances fire fighters abilities to suppress forest fires, but will encourage diverse habitat as well.

 Reducing the tree count per acre (leaving the healthiest trees undamaged) and removing the understory (brush and debris) with the exception of intended pockets of habitat will release the available moisture and nutrients your forest needs to thrive.

Forest Thinning - Klickitat County, WA

Whether we are working in compliance with the DNR cost share program or custom thinning for specific needs, we are determined to improve forest health in our region for generations to come.

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Please call, email or text if you would like a free estimate on thinning your property.

Forest thinning in Klickitat County, WA Green Mountain Thinning - Kickitat County WA Green Mountain Thinning - Klickitat County, WA

 Green Mountain Thinning

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2 thoughts on “Green Mountain Thinning

  1. Hello,

    How much do you charge for thinning and do you Chip or Remove the trimmed

    Since burning isn’t an option now as it is getting too dry we want to do some
    chipping. Do you do just chipping and at what cost?

    thank you,
    Randi Heinzen

    1. Hi Randi. The majority of my work is done through a cost share program land owners sign up for through the department of natural resources. It’s a 50/50 cost share, and they literally inspect the site where the work is to be done and write a prescription describing how much of what should be done, and what they expect it should cost. Then they agree to pay half of that expected cost requiring the landowner to prove they’ve spent at least that much to match. The full prescription amounts typically come to about $1200.00 per. acre. Please be mindful however that both terrain and tree density per acre can sway that number a fair bit (sometimes a lot!).

      As to chipping; it’s expensive! It will also exaggerate the smell of pine pitch that attracts the beetles for however brief the time it takes for the chips to dry; then where will they go? In the best interest of your woods I’d suggest waiting for cold weather. Thin, pile, burn. Oh, and any limbing of pine trees while the beetles are out is an invitation to blight. There are crews that chip what they’ve thinned, but I can’t make it pencil at all. I don’t know where you are, but our regional DNR office has a list of contractors like me, some of which do chip.

      I don’t mean to be so windy. I only mean to inform and encourage. My rates are $120.00/hr. on the meter (equipment hours running) thinning and or raking, and $35.00/hr. on the ground (labor, not the operator).

      You can give me a call if you would like to chat.

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