Raising Cornish Cross Chickens – Week 4

Our 10 Cornish Cross meat chickens are now a month old…..one more month to go!

You can read why we chose this breed and see pictures of their growth on these posts:  Week 1Week 2Week 3

24 Days OldThey are outside full time now and love to munch on the grass!

26 Days OldThey are still much more active than I expected.  I have read that all they do is stand or lay down at the feeders and eat all day.  Ours are not like that at all, maybe it’s because they have room to run and fresh grass to eat, or maybe they just haven’t got to that point yet?

4 weeks OldThey are ugly little buggers and not very bright!  I weighed one a couple days ago and it was almost 2 pounds.  They are going through the feed pretty quickly now, I think it’s going to cost more than I originally expected to feed them.  But I also expected to loose a couple and so far no casualties.  The five that my mom took to her house are also doing very well.  Thanks for following along on our meat chicken journey. 🙂

Here is a link to Week 5

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2 thoughts on “Raising Cornish Cross Chickens – Week 4

  1. Hi Grace!
    We raised Cornish Cross chickens this summer, too. I decided to not butcher them until 11 weeks, and we had 8.5 pound birds! They really do go through a lot of feed (and make a lot of manure!) but you’re right, if they’re kept outside they seem to be more active, and they do a little foraging.

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