Free Printable Build A Snowman Craft

Happy winter!

DSCN3887 (480x640)

I’ve been working on a snowman activity packet for my preschool and kindergarten students.  This is one of the crafts from the packet!  Hope you and your little ones each enjoy making a unique snowman. 🙂

Click on the link below to open the pdf file and print your snowman template.

Free Build A Snowman Craft

I will add a link to my snowman activity packet as soon as I get it finished.  🙂

Okay, I finished my snowman activities packet.  There are four fun activities in this packet that include: counting, number and letter recognition, and number word recognition.  My pre-k, kindergarten, and even 1st grade students have been loving these. Here is the link to my TPT store.

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Learning Numbers 1 – 12 Worksheets and Flash Cards

It’s already that time!  Getting ready for school is bitter sweet for me.  I hate to think that summer is almost over but I love the planning and decorating and excitement of a new school year!  This year I’m also consumed with creating my own preschool curriculum and slowly but surly it’s coming together.

This is the latest addition to my preschool curriculum!

Preview Learning Numbers 1 to 12

It includes 34 worksheets to help preschool and/or kindergarten students with counting, number recognition, writing numbers and number words, and each sheet incorporates shapes and colors.  Ten of these worksheets are cut and paste number review sheets.  Below are examples of each kind of worksheet.

Preview #1 worksheet

Preview #3 worksheet

Preview number review

This packet also includes 141  3.5″x5″ flash cards.  Each number from 1 to 12 is represented in 12 different ways.  There are soooo many fun ways to use these.  As you can see I laminated them and we use dry erase markers on some of them.  They can be used in centers or for sorting in many different ways.

Flash Cards

This is a close up sample of the 12 ways each number is represented.  I made these to fit in with all my preschool curriculum.  On the week we are learning number 2 we are also working on the color blue, the shape is a square and the letter is B, that’s why there are 2 Bees and 2 Balloons.  The ways students can sort these flash cards is endless (almost).  🙂

#2 flash cards

You can visit my TPT store to purchase this packet.  It is on sale for the rest of August and through September.  Best of luck to all of you getting ready for a new school year!!



Free Teachers Helper and Weather Station Printables

I’ve been a bit obsessed with school stuff this summer.  I guess it’s my only excuse for not blogging as much as I should and/or want to!  So, I’m going to share with you what I’ve been up to lately.

I decided a while back that I wanted to start creating my own work sheets for preschool.  I could never find exactly what I was looking for, and making my own sounded like fun.  I recently acquired all the resources I need to do this and guess what!?  It IS fun. 🙂

The first thing I made are classroom helper signs and weather station printables that can be laminated and used how ever you please.  The weather station printables would work in a classroom or homeschool setting.

Cover Sheet for Teachers Helper printables

If you click here it will take you to my Teachers Pay Teachers store and you can print these out for free!  I will soon have more products to add to my TPT store. 🙂  If you are a homeschooler or teacher of any kind, Teachers Pay is an AWESOME resource!  It’s free to join and there are TONS of inexpensive and free resources!

I have also been working on redecorating and reorganizing my classroom.  I will share some pics soon!


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Happy Fourth Of July! and “Free Flag” By: Jo

We are going to be out of town for a few days, so I wanted to wish all of you a Happy Fourth of July before we left.  So……HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY EVERYONE!

In Honor of this special holiday I wanted to share something my eight year old daughter wrote earlier this year.  Her language book had asked her to “write a story about our flag” and this is what she wrote:

Free FlagIt still brings tears to my eyes when I read it.  It reminds me to thank God (everyday) for the freedoms that we enjoy and pray that no more of those freedoms are taken away from us.

flagHave a wonderful Independence Day and remember to hold your “Free Flag” up high!

Homeschool Art Project – Redneck Style

One of Diggers many projects over the winter was to rebuild the deck on his trailer.  He just finished it the other day when we (ok, me) decided the nice new wood needed a little color.

DSCN5916 (640x480)-1The girls were more than happy to help out!  In fact, they giggled the entire time. 😀

DSCN5926 (640x480)-1Yes, I was cringing and thinking of the mess!!  Oh, and by the way; wet paint can be very slippery!

DSCN5942 (640x416)-1But the smiles and giggles were worth it!

DSCN5947 (640x387)-1

DSCN5949 (480x640)-1



Now every time Digger loads or unloads his excavator he will think of his giggly girls. 🙂


DSCN5951 (640x378)-1





Snowflakes – Winter Art Project, Science, History and Bible Lesson

Winter has arrived!!  So we decided to start working on our “winter wall”.  To see pictures of our “fall wall” click here.  Of course the first thing to go on a “winter wall” should be snowflakes…right?  We got out the coffee filters and started cutting.

DSCN4577 (1280x761)-1Coffee filters make great snowflakes they are round and easy to cut through, not to mention cheap.  The girls came up with some great designs.  But then we ran into a problem….we had beautiful white snowflakes and a very white wall to hang them on.  Instead of launching a full on, home improvement project of repainting our classroom/playroom we decided to bust out the water colors and  make some colorful snowflakes to hang on our white wall.  I think they turned out beautiful!!

DSCN4581 (957x1280)-1I then decided we should look at some “REAL” snowflakes.  We found several websites that have up close pictures of snowflakes….WOW!  They are absolutely gorgeous, every unique one of them.  I then found this amazing article “Snowflake Bentley: Man of Science, Man of God” by Jerry Bergman Ph.D. on the “Institute for Christian Research” website.  I shared this article with my girls and we attempted to make six sided snowflakes (like the real ones.)  This was harder than it sounds…..eventually we managed to get a few decent looking six sided snowflakes. 🙂

I love that this simple art project turned into a science, history and bible lesson. It taught all three of us new things, and made us even more grateful and aware of another one of God’s magnificent creations.

Here are a few pictures of what we like to do with an over abundance of beautiful ice crystals.


DSCN4474-1Making Snow Angels!!

IMGP4342-1My personal favorite, building a snow fort!!

Happy Winter Everyone

Fall Wall

When we started school in September I told the girls we would have an art project at least once a week.  We have stuck to that plan and have produced some pretty cool masterpieces!  I like to plan our art projects around the other subjects we are working on.  If I can reinforce a history, science, or bible lesson with an art project that’s just one more way to help them retain the lesson. Kids love to see their art work on display and I don’t know about you but my fridge is pretty FULL!  So we started hanging up some of our art work on a wall in our “class room” it soon became our “Fall Wall”.


Little Chef’s Jack O’Lantern


Jo’s thankful turkey:o)

Jo worked so hard typing this up and as you can see she loved learning how to change the font and color of her text.

Little Chef’s Columbus Day project

Yesterday Little Chef said “Mom, where are we going to put our winter wall?”


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