1. I worked as a cook in a restaurant for several years. if you just scrub your potatoes and put them ina large pot of water and bring to a boil. Then boil just till you can start to stick a fork in them Not all the way ,just about half way. Then remove and run cold water over them. Let cool ,refridgerate. peel and grate. I like to place small portions. like the frozen patties you can buy on the cookie sheet ,then freeze. . Place in bg after frozen

    • Grace

      Under cooking them definitely works the best! I will have to try the potato patties. Thanks for visiting Terrie and for the tips. :)

  2. Hi! I found you on the HomeAcre Hop- I LOVE this post! I am always looking for ways to avoid prepackaged food, and frozen hashbrowns evaded me! They’re recommended by Dr. McDougall, but I’m so suspicious of the kind you buy because I heard that they are sprayed with sulfites! Thanks again :)

  3. Ok first of all, love the name of your blog! :) I was just thinking about hash browns the other week and wanting to buy them but they have a couple weird ingredients added and I thought, I need to see if anyone’s done this…well perfect! I found your post, it’s pinned and I can’t wait to try it!!!!!

    • Grace

      Hannah, Thanks so much for visiting and leaving all the nice comments! I am checking out your blog right now! It’s so nice finding other people out there with the same HEALTHIER food goals :)

  4. Hi Grace! You already know that I featured this post on The HomeAcre Hop :)
    Just wanted to let you know that I shared it on Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, and Digg!

    Happy Easter!

  5. ChiA Vi

    I blanch the potatoes with boiling way, I pour the potatoes and cold water in a large pan, and turn the heat until the water boiled. I off the heat immediately and left the pan on the stove a bout 20 minutes. I put in the freezer overnight. And I grated the potatoes and then frozen them.
    But after frozen when I thaw it to cook it so soft and so wet (too much water on it). Was it over cook?. Do you have any idea?

    • Grace

      Hmmm well, I have always baked mine in the oven instead of boiling them so that might make them a little soggy?? If you did over cook them they will be softer so it might be a combination of both. When I over cooked mine they where a little soggy after thawing them but they still fried up very nicely. Under cooking them is really the trick. I hope this helps!

  6. Gary Murray

    Thanks for the labor of love you have shared on making homemade hash browns. I look forward to making these for our family, May God bless your for your efforts!

  7. keta

    This is a wonderful post and I thank you for it. Found it on Pinterest and wanted you to know that the hash browns turned out perfect! Thanks

  8. Rosetta

    I prefer using red potatoes instead of white potatoes. Red potatoes are not as dry, so they shred up so much nicer and keep their shape instead of breaking apart and becoming mushy. White potatoes are def the best for a good baked potato! :)

  9. Yvette

    I loved and am cooking my large potatoes now to make hash browns,you are so funny,I’ll take your therapy potatoe class…we used to live in a double wide,red. Really.gees,that was before I learned about painting.how fun.love your name too grace ,see you soon

    • Grace

      Thanks Yvette, good luck with the hash browns! You are the first person to tell me that you also have lived in a red double wide!!

  10. yvette

    Had I know how to paint at that time.i would have painted my mobile red.thats what I mentioned to say.now have a red kitchen

  11. Kelly

    Thanks Grace, made these last night and they came out perfect. All of the recipes that recommend to soak raw potatoes and drain didn’t seem like they would work. I would think you would want the starch in the potato and get rid of the water, which baking them did. Thanks again!

  12. Ken

    Thanks, this is great. We want to cut down on our starches, but still save some money and buy the 5 lb bag of potatoes. Don’t want to eat a whole bag before it spoils. Also our own hash browns won’t have the frozen ones additives. Your directions are great. One question though, how long do you think these will last in the freezer?
    Thanks again ☺

  13. Robin Mentzer

    Can’t wait to try these. I bet if you cover the cookie sheet pan with no stick foil it would make it easier to get them off once they are frozen.

  14. Peter

    I live alone and make hash browns once in awhile. For small near instant batches, one can micro wave them until under done. Grate them hot with an oven mitt or soak in cold water to cool. Russets peel easily after cooking in the micro wave, other varieties I just leave the skin on or slice large skin surfaces and compost them. My mother mostly used white and red potatoes, though she never made hash browns from scratch. White potatoes have an easy to clean skin.
    I like your idea for freezing a large batch. I may eat them more often now.

    I know, some people do not like cooking in a micro wave, but once in awhile shouldn’t hurt.?
    May the Lord and Savior Bless You and Yours Always.

  15. Great recipes and tips on this website. Might mention that regular potatoes are often jammed with herbicides and insecticides. For that reason we grow our own. A 5 x 8 raised bed will give us a hundred pounds or more of Russets or others. They are extremely easy to grow (do not grow in the same area for a couple of years — rotate crops), and much healthier and better tasting. If you can’t do that, try for organic potatoes. It is potatoes and apples which seem to accumulate the most spray residue, so at least those two things should be organic if you can.

    Also — you can freeze mashed potatoes in baggies. They look really funny defrosting or at partial cook stage, but when fully cooked up again, and stirred, you can’t tell they aren’t fresh. I make mine with butter and cream cheese and freeze batches in quart storage bags. Really easy and yummy.

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