May 2014 – A Month Of Photos From The Red Double Wide

I said last month that April was a busy month…….HA!  May was stupid busy! When I think back it’s all just a blur.  I’m not complaining at all though it was a great month.  Good thing I managed to get a few pictures taken so I can recall a few details.  The biggest change we’ve had around here lately comes in a small, but VERY busy package.  Jade’s girl friend moved to town and ended up getting two jobs very quickly,  that was a very good thing, but that meant she also needed a baby sitter for her 16 month old son.  Did I mention he’s busy?  I teach a preschool and kindergarten class everyday so you would think that this shouldn’t have been much of a change…..oh how I have forgotten how having a mini person around keeps you on your toes!!  What a joy he is and I’m even starting to get use to the grandma jokes.  😉

Hope you enjoy these photos from May.

Mr Busy

Here is Mr. Busy Himself!

Mini Egg

One of our regular sized hens laid a mini sized egg.  Jo was fascinated by it and had me fry it up for her for dinner. 🙂


2 month old bantams

Our four bantam chicks grew a lot during May.

First Rooster

It turns out that one of them is a rooster and he thinks he’s pretty hot stuff.  His crow is getting a little better as time goes on.

old tractor

We went to our local tractor pull and saw some pretty cool old tractors.


After all the tractors were done pulling it was time for the pickups.  Digger and Jade both entered their pickups.  It was supposed to be Digger’s 79 Ford against Jade’s 84 Dodge but they didn’t have time to finish getting Jades pickup ready so he decided to enter his 2010 Toyota.  It was a grudge match between old and new….or maybe I should say old and young! 😉

Digger 79 fordThe old WON…by five feet!

Farmers market bounty

Some goodies we got at the farmers market!  My mom had given us some home grown rhubarb so Little Chef made a couple strawberry rhubarb pies for her dad.

sun set

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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7 thoughts on “May 2014 – A Month Of Photos From The Red Double Wide

  1. I love the mini eggs. We have gotten several of those over the years we have had our chickens, my girls Love them.
    Always fun to see all your pictures! 🙂

  2. Your photos for May brings me good memories. I’m a widow, moved into town 10 years ago. Used to have an IH-M and H. The chickens made me homesick for country life. Thanks for the memories.

  3. I’ve always wanted to go see a tractor pull, but they don’t really have them in my region (New England). These photos got me super excited for August, I’m going to Indiana and finally seeing a real tractor pull. Your photos make the event look so fun!

  4. I bumped into you site and fell in love!
    I now have become brave and started my own chicken koop with 55 chicks.
    Thanks for having such an amazing and inspirational site.

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