Homemade Seasoning Salt – MSG Free

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Seasoning Salt 4

Seasoning Salt 3There you have it, homemade seasoning salt!  Be sure to shake well before each use.  Use sparingly at first, you can always add more but you can’t take it out if you get to much.

This works great on EVERYTHING!  Well…..maybe not chocolate cake or ice cream, no definitely not ice cream…but I’m sure it will be great on everything else!  😉

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62 thoughts on “Homemade Seasoning Salt – MSG Free

  1. This was a great post and just what I was needed to know since I happily ran out of my nasty store bought stuff! We shared it with our readers at homesteadlady.com.

    1. We just found out my son is highly allergic to onions in any form do you think we can omit the onion? Do you think we need to add anything else in its place ?

      1. Hi Shea! That’s a good question, I think I would try just leaving it out. If anything I might add a little extra garlic salt? Sorry I’m not much help. I’ve never heard of a substitute for onion or that oniony flavor?? I hope it turns out well! Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

      2. Try a pinch of asafoetida (also called hing) which is found in East Indian food stores. It has an onion/garlic flavour. Beware, though, it smells very pungent! Store in an air-tight container or it’s smell can affect nearby foodstuff. When cooked the smell goes away and the flavour mellows nicely. It’s very frequently used in East Indian vegetarian dishes to replace garlic and onions.

  2. Thank you for posting this. I am going to read several more recipes for making seasoned salt (I am looking to make a courser version similar to Tastefully Simple), but will keep parm lid in mind. I can’t believe how many of those I have recycled over the years. I don’t buy it very often, but I will need to buy a jar or two for this purpose. Love the gingham background, btw.

  3. I currently have a mason jar without a lid and a parmesan cheese close to out in the fridge so I will have to remember. I don’t use a lot of seasoned salt but I had some that we used from Omaha steak that we used on steak so I would assume that this is close to the same? What else do you use it on? I think that it is something that I would make if I knew what to sprinkle it on 🙂 THANKS!!!

    1. Hi Alison, I use this salt on tons of stuff. Most recently: egg salad, scrambled eggs, sausage gravy, soups, stews, and my favorite is to sprinkle it on tater tots or homemade french fries! Thanks for stopping by!

    2. My family loves chicken and rice. I sprinkle seasoned salt on the boneless skinless chicken breast and saute in some melted margarine til browned and done. Then in the pan drippings saute one onion slices thin and separated into rings and 3-4 celery stalks chopped. Saute til tender. Add 2 cups chicken broth and 2 cups water and bring to boil. Add 4 cups instant rice. Cover, turn off heat and let sit til liquid is absorbed. Nice and easy chicken dinner. Just don’t overdo the salt.

  4. Excellent—thank you! Smoked Paprika? Goona have to look for that one! Thanks so much for linking up with my Homemaking Party. Hope you have a great week!

    Mrs. Sarah Coller

  5. I’ve often wondered what all was in homemade season salt. I use it in a TON of stuff lately and mine from the store is almost gone…fortunately I now have a recipe and all those ingredients on hand to make up some more, so thank you! 🙂

    Visiting via the TGIF Link Party!

    Blue Eyed Beauty Blog
    Exercise Encouragement Group Blog

  6. Wow! thanks for sharing this, Grace. I have switched to sea salt lately, and haven’t been using my seasoned salt bc of all the extra stuff in it. This will be perfect.

    I followed your link from A Humble Bumble blog hop…

  7. I am on a restricted diet where I have to eat mostly organic foods, no MSG or any preservatives. This is a great recipe that I’m going to make. Thanks for posting!

  8. Hi
    Thanks for publishing this. We don’t get this in India and I was looking for ways to make it. My only question is what is sea salt and can I use regular table salt in place? Same for smoked paprika, can I just use sweet paprika (American Garden Sweet Paprika )? Thanks , look forward for your inputs.

    1. Hi, Table salt will work just fine and I haven’t used sweet paprika in this recipe but I think it will be fine too. Hope you like it as much as we do!

  9. Hi I just wanted to stop by and show my appreciation for your lovely recipe. I just made macaroni salad with your salt recipe, since I forgot to pick up my usual store brand, and let me tell you was that a blessing in disguise! I had to make a few improvises but it is still delightful! I used a little less salt, regular paprika, and garlic pepper instead of garlic salt. I don’t fancy too much salt. It is so much better than the store brand. I have recently been switching to whole foods and growing my own produce. Even down to making my own butter. I love it so much more and tastes so much better!! And it doesn’t hurt to feel very accomplished after giving your husband and children a wholesome meal that you prepared. 🙂 Thanks again

    1. Hi Chayla, Thanks so much for the nice comment. Isn’t it great to find that the work you put into home made and home grown food really does pay off in more than one way!!!

  10. Where do you get your spices to make this? I`ve been looking for a season salt recipe and this looks great but I don’t want to buy a bunch of store spices to make something “homemade” and so far none of the blogs say where the original spices come from. Thanks!

    1. Hi Samantha, Good question! I get all my herbs and spices from Mountain Rose Herbs. They have great organic products. I added a link to their website at the bottom of the post. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

  11. I’m so glad i found this! We use seasoning salt on everything, especially popcorn! I always bought Epicures but they recently changed it and changed the size of the jars 🙁 was not happy, but this tastes the same, maybe even better annnnd is so much cheaper!
    Thank you!

  12. This is very good but I still added MSG to it to make it even better. MSG is harmless to 99.999% of folks. It also occurs naturally. Just look at a piece of Zombu seaweed and sometimes there is what looks like fine salt on the dry seaweed….that is MSG or glutamate. The whole report from 70’s was thoroughly debunked. So why not add the MSG to enhance the flavor even more, besides flavor, MSG reduces the amount of salt needed. They actually use MSG in Japanese nursing homes as a broth for patients who can’t have too much salt.

    1. I actually buy Accent for my fried rice. Totally enhances the flavors. Yesterday I was able to find a HUGE canister of Accent at Sam’s Club, which I used to buy, but they quit carrying. Thus, I was forced to pay upwards of $5 a small bottle at grocery stores. THRILLED! AND IT DOES make a difference. Some people do get severe migraines with MSG, but I don’t have a problem.

  13. THANK YOU for sharing this recipe.;) This reminds me of a burger place in my hometown that I used to go to since I was a little girl.=X Their fries were the best to me w/their seasoned salt. We moved away, so being able to make it at home where ever that may be is awesome! The only thing I changed was using reg granulated sugar & white pepper. These were what I only had on hand. And I ended up halfing the recipe. THANK YOU again.;)

  14. You have curiously added Salt, Garlic Powder and Garlic Salt to this recipe.
    Did you know that Salt plus Garlic Powder is Garlic Salt? You already have 1/2 cup salt in the recipe. What is the point of Garlic Salt? Why not simply change the recipe to 1 tablespoon (3 teaspoons) of Garlic Powder and eliminate the Garlic Salt?

    1. Yes, I do know that now and actually make my own garlic salt. But must not have known that when I created this recipe. You can change it how ever you wish.

  15. Being that I was born in Tacoma, Wa, the origin of Johnnys Seasoning Salt (and a kick butt restaurant ) this is the ONLY seasoning salt I will use. Generic, Lawrys, is just NOT the same. Hard to find here in California, unless you want to give up your first born, BUT I have found it at Winco in the bulk seasonings, and get a big bag and refill my bottle. NOW no need. Can’t wait to mix this up! Thank you!

  16. Ma’am, this is a great recipe for me to use because I have an intolerance to MSG (not allergic, but not fun either). Bob mentioned “garlic salt”, it’s best to make it from scratch the way he recommended because the store stuff has anti-caking agent (silica dioxide, the tiny packets that keeps shoes and stuff dry and says “do not eat”.)

    That way, you won’t have an allergy reaction from the sand. Thank you Bob and Grace! Love you both!

  17. Great recipe but years ago Seasoning Salt did not contain sugar. I think the recipe works well without the sugar. I’m trying hard to reduce/eliminate sugar whenever I can.

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